You Need This Album (an exploration of advertising and some other stuff)

by moduS ponY and friends

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Have you ever felt less than adequate in any way? Have you ever felt that not so fresh sensation? Advertising is annoying, but also oddly amusing. Sometimes it's just so transparent, obnoxious and ridiculous that you have to laugh. Other times it's brilliant, the amount of creative thought that goes into every little detail, selling us an idea, a feeling, "happiness." But that's also what makes it kind of sad because... all that creative energy, for what? To sell us a super absorbent towel? There has to be more to life. So, then we go back to being annoyed, even a little offended by the obvious lies and manipulations polluting our senses wherever we go. I guess this album is an attempt to turn that pollution into art. To reclaim some of the sensory bombardment that we normally can't control. Is it pop art? Negativland rip off? I don't know. It's just something I felt compelled to make.

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released May 2, 2016

Music performed, written, and recorded by moduS ponY, Sheepset, Koala Bear, letterfounder, Eamon Hamill, and Senfsuck. (see specific track credits for more info). Produced by moduS ponY. Art by moduS ponY, with some help from google images.




moduS ponY Hawthorne, California

moduS ponY is the solo moniker for the indie experimental musician and producer out of Hawthorne California, Matt Ackerman.
moduS ponY straddles the line between intellectual and visceral, creating progressive pop music that is at once catchy, interesting, and a little weird.
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